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Stellar Performance

Stellarport is a portal to the Stellar Blockchain. When you use Stellarport, you gain Stellar's unmatched security, reliability and performance.

Lightning Speed

Contrary to other blockchains, the stellar blockchain network settles transactions in an average of 5 seconds (and a maximum of 10 seconds).

Hardware Wallet

Stellarport supports hardware wallets. Trade, send payments and more directly from your connected hardware wallet with total security!

Modern Trading Interface

With Stellarport you can interface directly with the stellar blockchain using the modern trading interface you know and love.

Account Management

With Stellarport you can view your account profile, history, assets and open offers as well as send payments to you acquaintances with the click of a button.

Real Time

Stellarport's trading interface is real time. Trade BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, XLM, MOBI, SLT, KIN and much more directly from your Stellar wallet.

Lowest Fees

Trading fees are super low. We only charge takers 0.15% - on Stellarport, makers trade entirely for free.


Stellarport never takes your secret key. When you use Stellarport, you sign your transactions privately and keep your peace of mind.

Truly Global

The Stellar blockchain is global and so is Stellarport. Transacting on Stellarport is transacting all around the globe.

Stellarport is device responsive. Use stellarport with any device - desktop, tablet or phone - stellar is at your fingertips.

Stellarport is operated securely in a distributed environment so that you get the guaranteed uptime you deserve.

At Stellarport we strive to bring you the clear and simple user experience while still allowing you the flexibility you desire.

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